Echoes by Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd used footage from George Greenoughs Crystal Voyager when they played this   5

moondog 8 Nov 2012

New (and last) eternal jam

MakinBacon 14 Sep 2015

#SurfWeek #cheese number 23 and counting down...CRYSTAL VOYAGER is a vintage Aussie surf flick with ECHOS being the highlight at the end. The closing sequence,George Greenough's short film Echoes, is generally considered to be the highlight of the film. Filmed with a camera in a waterproof housing strapped to Greenough’s back, the sequence is composed entirely of slow-motion footage shot inside the curl of waves, edited to the 23-minute song "Echoes" by Pink Floyd. The group reportedly allowed Elfick and Greenough to use the music in their film in exchange for the use of Greenough's footage as a visual background when they performed "Echoes" in concert. Full movie on youtube for those includes some pretty good tunes by G. Wayne Thomas & The Crystal Voyager Band There is talk about the waves being too crowded and that was back in 1973...I can't imagine what it's like now   2

Shaka 25 Apr 2015!

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I think I finally "get" Pink Floyd.   10

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Music by Pink Floyd, images by Stanley Kubrick.

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