See Emily Play by Pink Floyd


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A convoluted journey to this one. We took a boat trip to Staffa Fingal's Cave recently and it turns out Pink Floyd have an unreleased song entitled Fingal's Cave. I would jam that that but time is tight and this is one of my favourites and Pink Floyd era. My Dad played me The Pipers... and he was a huge influence musically. His pride and joy being the enormous speakers we had in the lounge. They went to 11. More Dad Jams coming Psychedelia fans. Plus, as you can see, the video here is wonderful.   8

PartyTearsFew 28 Aug 2015

It doesn't seem possible that this was released over 46 years ago. True classic.   10

obadiah99 27 Jan 2014

Real Radio XS has been playing some of my favourite tunes this week.   2

brabham4 14 Apr 2015

There is no other day.

inthefade 5 Jan 2012

This one goes way back to a cassette that I used to listen to in the car as a child. It probably explains a lot about about the course of musical interests that I followed from that. It turned up again as the top Pink Floyd song in the latest Uncut magazine. After listening to whole list, I realised why I liked Pink Floyd so much. #PinkFloyd   1

bradscanlan 6 Aug 2015

In Heaven, they only play Syd Barrett.   1

aHandfulOfRain 14 May 2015