Alec Eiffel by Pixies

“For my money, The Pixies' best up-tempo jam”

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For my money, The Pixies' best up-tempo jam   2

yesquite 3 Feb 2014

A lot of folks are under the mistaken impression this Pixies album is no good. It is! Badass song and video.   1

conanneutron 28 Dec 2012

This band changed my world for the better

soren 28 Jan 2015

Solid tune from 1991's "Trompe le Monde". Surprised this one doesn't get more play.

helva834 22 Aug 2014

Mike's Music Interview Archive: Joey Santiago of The Pixies. Though I didn't find the Pixes until after they broke up (after Frank Black's amazing first two solo records), they had the expected impact on my brain. Joey Santiago has long been one of my favorite guitarists--especially the surf & psyche elements drizzled over the Pixies' patented LOUD-soft-LOUD formula...he was a fun guy to talk to, and my guess is that he was the kid stuck inside the "mom and dad are fighting again" dynamic of the band...

vomitsunami 11 Sep 2015