Greens And Blues by Pixies


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New Pixies jam

jaxxon 4 Mar 2014

Hear this and more on my radio show, The Big Chap's Box of Delights'. Saturday nights at 10pm on or via the TuneIn app. #radiowithoutads

gordontennent 31 Mar 2014

Liking the new Pixies LP. A lot.   4

rocknrollisking 2 May 2014

Once again #SundayBrunch playlist to blame for this find, yet another outstanding album from one of the great bands of my youth!   4

Cornishson73 28 Apr 2014

I really thought I could avoid having anything to do with the Kim Deal-less "new Pixies album" Indie Cindy (whose title is the dumbest of the year), but curiosity overwhelmed me when a cheap new copy sat before me. Now I'm even more annoyed, because I've started to like it.

noyoucmon 11 Jul 2014

It took a while, but Black Francis knows how to sing to me.

weswilson 12 Mar 2015