I've Been Tired by Pixies

“A sweet Sunday to you my pal ... Keep your chin up”

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A sweet Sunday to you my pal ... Keep your chin up

jimleatherman 27 Oct 2013

The Pixies were tremendous fun in Brixton last night - whooping along to this was my personal highlight...

TBBYNH 28 Sep 2013

I said I wanna be a singer like Lou Reed I like Lou Reed she said sticking her tongue in my ear... #AWeekOfLou #RIPLou   3

Gummi 30 Oct 2013

Excuuse meh pleaasse???

KBro 24 Sep 2012

Album: Come on Pilgrim / Year: 1987 #409

mondosalvo 27 Oct 2014

I've always been a huge Frank Black/Pixies fan - but I gotta say this fan video makes this song all the better. And on a personal note, I have been tired lately. So yeah. Jam on.

scottstead 30 Jan 2014