Monkey Gone to Heaven by Pixies

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#Every4ADReleaseInChronologicalOrder Part 130. Need I say more?   4

thesunneversets 17 Sep 2015

The creature in the sky, got sucked in ahole, now there's a hole in the sky, and the ground's not cold. and if the ground's not cold, everything is gonna burn, we'll all take turns, i'll get mine, too.   3

rexter42 2 Jan 2014

And if the devil is six, then...

oldseacaptain 28 Jan 2015

And the ground's not cold And if the ground's not cold Everything is gonna burn We'll all take turns, I'll get mine too   3

Lighthouses4ALL 18 Aug 2014

This has been in my head for the last two mornings so I think it needs jamming! Reminds me of leaving school :)   15

abigail.deeks 18 Jun 2014

One of those songs that at a very specific juncture in your life you heard all the time--in this case in my shambolic first two years in NYC--and then never again. Damn it, I can't remember the name of the polish/ukrainian bar a couple doors down from McSorley's on 8th Street, but that was where this song was always playing. There was cheap beer and a couple of pool tables and the ceiling was very low, and it was so smoky, my Brit friend Simon likened it to a kippering factory.   3

timmuky 20 Aug 2015