Tame by Pixies

dimitribly’s jam on 7 Aug ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“I'm makin' good friends with you...”

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but ultimateloser was first  

I'm makin' good friends with you...   5

dimitribly 22 Mar 2013

I'm makin' good friends with you...   1

dimitribly 7 Aug 2012

Turns up on shuffle. Sounds astounding. Added to secret project playlist.   5

kierongillen 2 Jun 2013

it's been pixies week!

ultimateloser 15 Feb 2012

In celebration of the first album release in 23 years by this King among bands, please enjoy 2 and a bit minutes of utter perfection. "Got hips like Cinderella"!   3

darryl 25 Apr 2014

Gotta go for another Pixies song..looks like once again they really got me!

nadi 6 Oct 2012