A Perfect Day Elise by PJ Harvey


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but Claidissa was first  

From a lovely & slightly neglected album. Can a muso among you explain; is it reverb that makes it sound so..?   1

antonomasia 2 Sep 2012

This is my "walking away calmly from a car I just blew up with a cigarette in a movie" song. Just add flames.

meowrey 12 Jun 2012

Who couldn't use a #PerfectDay?

jennyleepenny 15 Sep 2014

My jam any day <3

egosumdaniel 8 Oct 2014

The peerless PJ Harvey. Stopped dead in my tracks first time I heard "Sheela na Gig." (Just as true today.)   1

visaforviolet 30 Jan 2013

This is the single mix, but it represents my favourite PJ Harvey record. It will live forever...

egosumdaniel 24 Feb 2014