Sheela-Na-Gig by PJ Harvey


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Time for some classic Polly. Live from the Reading Festival 1992.

Del1972 10 May 2015

I decided almost as soon as I heard that TIMJ was being archived that this would be my final Jam. PJ has been a touchstone for me since 'Dry' - I suspect I'll never not listen to her. Although it's her least typical album, White Chalk is achingly beautiful, and this seemed an appropriate epitaph. Thanks @Han and @flaneur for a great ride.

gilesdring 25 Sep 2015

#womensweek Kicking off with someone who is very much a personal musical hero. Polly Jean Harvey is a songwriter of remarkable talent and creativity. Forever afraid of making the same album twice, everything she releases feels new, fresh and exciting. Picking one song out of her spectacular canon is not easy, but, given the theme, this ode to female sexuality (and the men who fear and repress it) feels apt.   8

crawtonleek 10 Mar 2014

So much better than the album version. Polly Jean has my heart.

zeroaria 16 Aug 2015

From her 1992 album Dry. About time I jammed some Polly. The greatest British woman rocker since The Boer War (apologies to @Bukowski )   16

Axol 15 Sep 2015

This one is for my daughter who, after hearing it in the car, said: ' Turn it up, I'm not getting out until I hear it all...'   24

MadameZia 4 Jan 2015