Sheela-Na-Gig by PJ Harvey


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but ZenPyramid was first two. Second day, second barrel; on to the weird stuff tomorrow...   5

ZenPyramid 20 Mar 2012

So much better than the album version. Polly Jean has my heart.

zeroaria 16 Aug 2015

This one is for my daughter who, after hearing it in the car, said: ' Turn it up, I'm not getting out until I hear it all...'   24

MadameZia 4 Jan 2015

Time for some classic Polly. Live from the Reading Festival 1992.

Del1972 10 May 2015

My favourite artist in the world.   1

h00py 6 Mar 2015

"I'd risen this morning / Determined to break / The spell of my longing / And not to think"   6

silvershroud 2 Nov 2013