Too Many Friends by Placebo


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"my computer thinks I'm gay/what's the difference anyway/when all that people do all day/is stare into a phone" #preachitPlacebo #whateveritmeans

EmilyGarfield 25 Sep 2014

Placebo never fails to evoke emotion, both lyrically and sonically .   2

AtomRamsey 6 Aug 2013

A commentary on Facebook, Twitter and living with modern media. Disclaimer: my computer doesn't think I'm gay.

psibreaker 4 Mar 2014

Jammed this one recently, but now it comes with a beautifully crafted video (and, let's face it, I am an ardent admirer of anything Placebo-ish, so any old excuse will do) :) Dutch Classics can still be found at @dutchzaphod   23

dutchbeeblebrox 5 Sep 2013

Finally listened to the "new" @PLACEBOWORLD album. I really like it.

cygnoir 27 May 2014

I resisted using "my computer thinks I'm gay"in my #dunddd talk yesterday. great comeback tune though.   1

craignicol 24 Nov 2013