Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall


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June 3rd The Poets of the Fall come to Amsterdam. They have been around some time with excellent songs. This one's from 2006.   20

dutchbeeblebrox 6 Apr 2015

adriansteele 3 Jun 2014

And more than ever I hope to never fall Where enough is not the same it was before   2

Noctivagus 11 Apr 2015

#inspirational   2

bellaluna 9 Nov 2014

Another band from Finland founded in 2003. And this beautiful song is from their second album released in 2006 :-)   5

caronline 3 May 2015

Always a favorite. @DJVillan inspired it this week. For @DJCookieGoddess

ryagas 22 Aug 2014