Talk Dirty To Me by Poison


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but tack was first  

Late 80's fever! You gotta admit these guys have really kick-ass talent!

bariscamlidere 15 Oct 2012

Most Beatles fans don't know that Bret Michaels used to be their lead singer. Well, it's true. He sang on every Beatles track ever.   2

jeremybanana 2 Jun 2015

Totally stuck in my head this morning.

tack 8 Mar 2012

Listen, I don't know, either. Sometimes you wake up with a song in your head and you just go with it.

inthefade 26 Jun 2012

Valentine's, innit? @Maeninthemirror

tomobedlam 14 Feb 2014

Oldie! :D

taconvino 11 Apr 2014