Hey Sandy by Polaris

“Bonus points for timeliness, right??”

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Bonus points for timeliness, right??

somenerd 26 Oct 2012

Probably the best kids show theme song about a shooting.

smh8890 17 Jul 2015

Love this jam from my fave quirky kids show in the 90's. Adventures of Pete & Pete :)

lennonpatton 8 Jun 2015

Pete and Pete theme   3

Earology 1 Jun 2013

Because the government killed people at #Kent State, and they had names--like speech-therapy student Sandra Scheuer, who was simply walking with a kid she'd been helping with speech and hearing. Guess there's debate over whether this is truly about her (Does your dog bite vs. don't you talk back), but: Four feet away; end of speeches at the end of the day; we was only funnin; but guiltily I thought you had it comin. And "Could you settle to shoot me? Or have you picked your target yet?" There's a protest song about Scheuer with the same name. Anyway...she had a name. And when you're peddling a sweatshirt that likely landed a few people in grief and PTSD land simply because they dared read the news yesterday, you deserve to have your name never uttered again.   2

Rin 16 Sep 2014

This kid's show was WAY after my time, to the extent that I'd never even heard of it, but it passes the cool theme tune test...

thesunneversets 10 Oct 2014