Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone) by Porter Robinson

“So summer, such dance, so fantastic”

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So summer, such dance, so fantastic

PluginCollapsed 17 Jun 2014

we'll finish what we started, so promise me that we'll be the lionhearted

lilligant 4 Sep 2014

Nice song to end a run on.

rnalexander 24 Nov 2014

wasn't sure if i liked this song or not, so i listened to again... and again.. and again .. 30 listens later, so i guess that means i do?   1

christianwear 18 Jul 2014

if this is what @porterrobinson means to be the future of electronic music 1) he's like 20 years late and 2) i wholly welcome the future

yahooeny 28 Jun 2014

ty, jv. gg.

DevonRiley 26 Aug 2014