46 and 2 by Tool by Students of Aaron O'Keefe

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Among the better cover songs done by kids.

grabein 4 Feb 2014

I’m sorry Prisma, I hope you don’t mind. These kids are incredible! Holy mother of… music! Just whoa!   5

homosporocarpus 13 Mar 2014

The future of Rock looks good if this recording is indicative. Recorded by Aaron O'Keefe's Loveland Music academy from Cincinnati, Ohio, at The Tracking Room in Nashville, Tennessee. This is an excellent cover of the Tool classic from their 1996 album "Ænima". Check out drummer Curtis Moss, he chose the song ... "it's kinda like listening to abstract art when you listen to Tool ... it's hard to replicate abstract art ... so I was looking for something really difficult to play to help make me a little better musician."   17

itskerryc 18 May 2014

This impressed me so I thought I would share. The youngest (on vocals) is just 11 at the time of recording I understand.   1

jem 12 Apr 2014

I know this is my eternal jam, but this cover made me fall in love with the song all over again. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

billybartels 22 Jul 2014

Kids just kill it.   1

GNARK1LL420 30 Aug 2014