Velocity Girl (Janice Long Session, July 1986) by Primal Scream

“An excellent thing happened this evening. I'm in anniversary mode Jam wise and whilst making scrambled eggs at 6ish I was busy in my own little world thinking about my next Jam. My thoughts were 'I really ought to Jam the record that introduced us to each other....but, it's not my favourite by them at all....mmm..' at that point the said track 'Made of Stone' came on the radio! So I was almost persuaded but in the end I decided to Jam this. Story is - myself and my other half met whilst visiting a mutual friend with our trusty vinyl finds of the week (he had a radio show at Warwick Uni W963). We both had 'Made of Stone' with us and I said it was just like 'Velocity Girl' and the rest is history......”

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