Purple Rain by Prince

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but owenbrazas was first  

I don't mind saying it: I've always loved Prince far more than MJ or Madonna.

shksprsis 13 Feb 2015

This is *strictly* my opinion, but Prince>MJ. He's still alive so +1 to him xD

currentnameandy 26 Sep 2015

And so, as we come to the end of the jams lets go to the song that represents the end of bekki.. My one day funeral song, all 8 odd minutes of it, purple rain. Everyone will wear purple, I want only purple flowers, I want the curtains to close to the beginning guitar solo and everyone to stay to the 'woo hoo hoo hoo's' at the end. I finally got to see prince sing this live into my actual ear holes last year and SOBBED all the way through. It was life changing. 1984 I was 13. Prince and his voice and his guitar and his genius became my all. I am 44 now and I still spell my name with two k's because prince. My favourite colour is purple and always will be because prince, if I could only leave a burning house with one album it would be purple rain. I could happily spend the rest of my days listening to when doves cry lets go crazy take me with u I would die 4 u and the beautiful ones, over and over and over. 🎵 I only wanted to be some kind of friend🎵   11

BekkiSymes 25 Sep 2015

Before this is taken away from the interweb, check out this performance by one of the most incredible performers of our time or in fact of all time. The audio/video quality isn't the best but so what? The performance is absolutely friggin' brilliant!   1

johnnybigsack 16 Jul 2015

Prince is a total shredder   1

andythebassman 24 May 2014

Love this last track! Purple Rain from Princes Purple Rain! :)   10

terence 25 Aug 2013