Welcome to the Terrordome by Public Enemy

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I like my coffee how I like my early 90's rap: socially conscious. I have no idea why this song was in my head tonight, but here it is.

sloop 25 Apr 2015

Gig #29, and the second part of the hip-hop odyssey that this weekend has inadvertently become. Oh yes - tonight I finally see an act I've wanted to see for *years* - Public Enemy.

asw909 27 Jun 2015

AKA, Comic-con 2012.

dylan.todd 11 Jul 2012

goes hard

japanfann 8 Aug 2015

Move as a team, never move alone...

simonides 15 Aug 2014

One of the best songs ever written from one of the best albums ever recorded. Period. Damn. This brings back some memories.

DrMartin 20 Sep 2014