Welcome To The Terrordome by Public Enemy

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goes hard

japanfann 8 Aug 2015

AKA, Comic-con 2012.

dylan.todd 11 Jul 2012

From "Fear of a Black Planet" [1990] on Def Jam Recordings / Columbia Records

minusbaby 19 Jun 2015

YO! BUM RUSH THE SHOW is 25 years old today. Different album, but this is probably my no 1 PE track.

antonyjohnston 26 Jan 2012

Gig #29, and the second part of the hip-hop odyssey that this weekend has inadvertently become. Oh yes - tonight I finally see an act I've wanted to see for *years* - Public Enemy.

asw909 27 Jun 2015

I like my coffee how I like my early 90's rap: socially conscious. I have no idea why this song was in my head tonight, but here it is.

sloop 25 Apr 2015