Underwear by Pulp

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I love Pulp.

CdreSchmidlapp 10 Nov 2014

Last week I got tickets to go see them at the R.A.H. I can't describe my joy. This is one of my faves live.

mink_deville 4 Mar 2012

If fashion is your trade, then when you're naked I guess you must be unemployed, yeah?   3

joeldurhamjr 17 Apr 2015

I desparately hope I can see them live again. In the meantime, listening to songs like this will have to do.   5

skying 11 Jul 2012

Watched "A Film about life,death and Supermarkets" the other day and realised that I do quite like Pulp after all. Beautifully shot film. Great tunes,too.

AnneHaddy 26 Aug 2014

MAN, this band...

ryvythed 24 Jul 2014