The Lone Ranger by Quantum Jump

thomasoshea’s jam on 24 Jun ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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#cowboyweek Considering the banal tracks the oversensitive BBC banned circa 1979, I'm amazed this got the airplay it did considering all the weed references, to say nothing of the line about 'Tonto doesn't miiiiiind..' which amused me enormously as a nascent gay 15-year-old as I was at the time.   3

UncannyUK 5 Jun 2014

Calm down, girls, they're married.

goodall1971 16 Feb 2014

thinking of a school reunion my thoughts turn to the musical skills of former classmates .... all together now Taumatawhakatangihangakoayauo

Paradykes 1 Dec 2014

Tonto doesn't mind...

thomasoshea 6 Jun 2014

I can't stop watching this. The lyrics are bizarre...

easynova 18 Jun 2014

More vintage bonkersness.....   3

JamieOPR 21 Feb 2015