I'm in Love With My Car by Queen

MrUmlaut’s jam on 20 Apr ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Dedicated to the mighty Blezzard.”

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Dedicated to the mighty Blezzard.

MrUmlaut 4 Aug 2015

B-side of "Bohemian Rapshody" single...   2

etudor6 30 Mar 2014

I'm not in love with my car. The bloody thing needs a new clutch a month after I've already shelled out on its MOT. Grrrr. #hardrock #rock #carjam   5

UncannyUK 26 Feb 2015

This is my Jam because it's a fact!

EmmaSmedley 23 Sep 2012

No more carburetors, but still love this song.

rdprice64 6 Apr 2015

Brian May's Red Special crunching, squealing and wailing ... his best ever, I reckon. Roll on the book of the guitar!

markv 23 Sep 2014