Seven Seas of Rhye by Queen

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but Mach2 was first  

For the final choice of November and my final choice of early Queen awesomeness. Had to pick this mini epic. Over looked classic sometimes. Hope you enjoyed my month of early Queen classics (the best in my opinion).   1

ColinDowney 30 Nov 2014

It was absolutely inevitable that I jammed this... 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...' #seasongs   3

MadameZia 31 Jan 2015

should play more Queen so many good tracks   2

carwash 4 Sep 2013

When I was a kid, there were really only three things in my music collection: a few Weird Al albums, Animaniacs soundtracks, and a couple of Queen greatest hits collections. I'm pretty sure that I still have a few of the tapes around somewhere... Anyway, the only one of these that I ever felt compelled to acquire in a more modern format was the Queen stuff. They're really the only band I can say that I've been listening to for over 20 years.

MrUmlaut 16 Sep 2014

I didnt see them at Wembly but did see them at Knebworth

carwash 4 May 2013