Stone Cold Crazy by Queen


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Here come the Law, gonna break down the door, gonna carry me away once more   1

HoratioTcloud 3 Jul 2015

Music to wake you up (after you've had 30 minutes of quiet and at least 1 cup of coffee).

AnnM 22 Jan 2015

Walking down the street, shooting people that I meet with my rubber tommy water gun.   1

dylan.todd 4 Mar 2015

Queen, almost the first band I truly loved. I've been listening to the new non-bootleg recordings from their 1974 Rainbow shows this week and they are wonderful things with tunes from the first three albums. Tempted to say it was peak Queen but they had a lot of peaks. And no synthesisers....   2

adrian4acn 29 Oct 2014

Heavy stuff.   2

Thrashbrowns 14 May 2014

sometimes you just gotta rely on the brilliant

stumbelina 19 Apr 2013