You're My Best Friend by Queen


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For Shirley

slmcmahon 15 Nov 2014

Right here we go. I was going to post tomorrow but I've decided to finish today instead. I love this song and I think it's perfect to finish my last jam..   4

twirlingteacups 25 Sep 2015

I had the first 4 x Queens,... faeries, goblins, and TUNES!

creepingbent 16 Jun 2014

Two years ago I married the love of my life, I couldn't feel more blessed or happier, I just want to share my happiness with you, this is dedicated to my wife, my best friend   10

maodiver 22 Dec 2014

Forever and ever.

KelsiFord 13 Jan 2012

For about a dozen different reasons (including, at #8, "You've got red on you"), this never fails to lift my mood.   1

stevejalim 2 May 2015