I Appear Missing by Queens of the Stone Age

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but fishpork was first  

So long n the wait pays off! Also has a great vid! Hate that this song isn't longer cos it's epic! Wow!   6

Oldy86 7 May 2013

Sure this will be jammed a few times over the next few days. Here's a 3 minute edit of seemingly a full 6!   2

hindle4 6 May 2013

And here it is, my favorite track of 2013 (considering i've professed my unabashed love for Joshua on several occasions it probably comes as little surprise!) #BestOf2013

silvershroud 1 Jan 2014

Prisoner on the loose, description: A spitting image of me, except for a heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out.

livinthing 20 Jun 2015

Forgot how awesome the videos for this album were   2

frizzfrizzfrizz 3 Feb 2015

Enjoy!   3

Zergonoid 17 Jul 2015