I Sat By The Ocean (live @Jools) by Queens of the Stone Age


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"I sat by the ocean,  And drank a potion, baby to erase you. Face down in the boulevard yet I couldn't face you"   2

GeorgiaPeach 29 Jan 2014

Silence is closer. We’re passing ships in the night.   1

barrett32 19 Sep 2015

Changing it up a little ...

socalvillaguy 7 Jun 2015

Are we doing best of 2013? …Like Clockwork is #1, duh. End of list.   4

nikkinikki 4 Dec 2013

Beautiful new track from Queens Of The Stone Age, which they played on last nights #LaterJools.   1

burningfp 15 May 2013

"Lies are a funny thing. They slip through your fingertips because they never happened to you. Time wounds all the heals as we fade out of view."

VissAndPinegar 15 Apr 2015