I Sat By The Ocean (live @Jools) by Queens of the Stone Age


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"Lies are a funny thing. They slip through your fingertips because they never happened to you. Time wounds all the heals as we fade out of view."

VissAndPinegar 15 Apr 2015

Are we doing best of 2013? …Like Clockwork is #1, duh. End of list.   4

nikkinikki 4 Dec 2013

Beautiful new track from Queens Of The Stone Age, which they played on last nights #LaterJools.   1

burningfp 15 May 2013

Album: ...Like Clockwork (2013) Very nice album. Really looking forward to hearing it live on Thursday!

Andy93 1 Jul 2013

One of the constants in rock music. Good songs and,... nice guys! #LikeClockwork . Alternative http://vimeo.com/66630032   19

dutchzaphod 19 May 2013

"I sat by the ocean,  And drank a potion, baby to erase you. Face down in the boulevard yet I couldn't face you"   2

GeorgiaPeach 29 Jan 2014