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but faitaru was first  

Loving the new QOTSA, but respecting the classics. Josh, oh, what you do to me No one knows... ;P   1

rexter42 2 Jun 2013

Vevo is missing many views with it's 'no share' policy... oh well, found a better version anyway... enjoy

PunkInRio 23 May 2015

Josh Homme or Jago Cooper, I lose track. Either way, nice riff. #incarock

stantongrouse 27 Mar 2015

Help. I can't get this song out of my head. It's been in there for three days. It's so catchy and well put together.   1

simoncollins 14 Aug 2015

"We get these pills to swallow. How they stick in your throat. Taste like gold."

RendoEndo 17 Sep 2015

My last song on this is my jam.. what will happen after this? no one knows..

eehbiertje 23 Aug 2015