Smooth Sailing by Queens of the Stone Age

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I'm in love with this music video :) #QueensOfTheStoneAge #LikeClockwork   7

rvleonard 5 May 2014

I wish this guitar riff played whenever I walk.

pjbfcp 8 Sep 2015

Visions of collision, fucking bon voyage

malevolosidade 15 Feb 2015

It took six long years but QOTSA finally returned in 2013 with their best album in an even longer time! Representing "...Like Clockwork" in the countdown, we have this witty, sexy-as-all-hell number which contains my favourite guitar solo of all of 2013 (3:48). Welcome back, boys! I have missed you so much. #bestof2013

CallumPetch 13 Jan 2014

Haven't chosen a jam in a long time but Queens of the Stone Age is always a good choice

kateeb 2 Aug 2015

The service I use to post these "jams" is discontinuing on 9/26, so I'm going to end with my "eternal" jam: an amazing rock song with the sexiest guitar riff I have probably ever heard.

ladamenoire 23 Sep 2015