Can't Get There from Here by R.E.M.

“Take in one symphony now.”

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Take in one symphony now.

khoragos 18 Feb 2013

Some classic R.E.M. on some classic German TV show...

thischarmingman 5 Jan 2012

What a riff and singing, both high (Mick?) and low (Mike?), under-rated album, especially the recent remaster

iankidd1975 22 Feb 2013

Fantastic early REM. Official video one of my faves

bro_james 21 Nov 2012

I've jammed it before and no doubt I'll jam it again.   1

pip 11 Sep 2013

Back in 1985, a couple of workmates talked me in to going to a gig at the Hammersmith Palais to see a band who I'd not really heard of called R.E.M. I bought this single on 12 inch the first of many R.E.M records I bought. And the gig was one of the best gigs I've ever been to.   6

AndyWilkinson 17 Aug 2015