Daysleeper by R.E.M.

“Back in Germany. Jet lag sucks.”

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Back in Germany. Jet lag sucks.   5

J_Dub 7 Jan 2014

O v O

orthanc 13 May 2013

I see today with a newsprint fray...

chrisi.west 31 Jan 2012

"..don't wake me... so-o much!..."

purplesunset54 19 Sep 2015

Receiving department 3 AM/staff cuts have socked up the overage/directives are posted/no callbacks, complaints/everywhere is calm/Hong Kong is present/Taipei awakes/all talk of circadian rhythm...

egosumdaniel 26 Dec 2013

To everyone working nights this weekend... This one is for you.

MissDaubs 21 Sep 2013