Where I End and You Begin. (The Sky is Falling in.) by Radiohead

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justjoe 17 Jun 2013

There isn't any song with "Thursday" in, so, I jam my obsession of these past few days. Underrated song. <3   2

CreepyUnknown 22 Nov 2012

This is one of those songs that the internet has too many opinions about. Some think it's about love, some think it's about politics. But I agree that it's about the extinction of humans, and about how the narrator would like to be part of the next dominant species. I used to love every Radiohead album, but not Hail To The Thief. It's just an album that deserves more listens. Until I finally liked 2+2=5, Sit Down, Stand Up and Sail To The Moon. And it stayed that way because I was too busy listening to the songs I like, to discover how good Myxomatosis and this song are.   2

MaxVerweijen 1 Aug 2014

Such a gloomy and beautiful song! And Thom Yorke shows what a great singer he is.

Renhult 2 May 2012