Airbag (live) by Radiohead

“New jams, jams, jams. Get 'em while you can...”

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New jams, jams, jams. Get 'em while you can...

pip 12 Aug 2015

In an interstellar burst ...

r_sparrow 9 May 2013

Yesterday a crew deflated the teflon-coated white dome of the HHH Metrodome that's been the home of the Vikings and Twins and a fixture in the Minneapolis skyline since my youth. It's hosted it's last events & is, rightfully, slated to be fully dismantled & replaced with a new stadium. By all standards, it was a horrible stadium, & stunk of decades of sports ineptitude, body odor & stale beer. But, it was also home to many wonderful memories, & a few glances at sports greatness by our teams, to all of us who grew up here in the last few decades. As a child, there was no greater joy than seeing Kirby Puckett hit a home run & getting blown out the doors, from the pressurized air, on your way out of the Dome. Cheers to the big inflatable toilet!

sweeter 19 Jan 2014