Street Life by Randy Crawford

“Just a great song, nothing else needed.”

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Just a great song, nothing else needed.   4

grumpy 18 May 2015

#badmoviegoodmusic OK we have ALL been there we saw the trailers, heard the buzz, paid our money, saw the movie and wanted our 2 hours back - Even though we were let down cinematically our rage was diminished by the incredible sounds from the soundtrack. I am going to visit some bad movies with good music for a while - sorry if I pick a movie you actually like. I am starting with Jackie Brown - so much promise and what a BIG let down! Bonus track Strawberry Letter 23 below.   11

SheRa 21 Feb 2015

Jackie Brown!   2

RadioSoul77 3 Dec 2013

cuz I'm feeling a little Jackie Brown-ish...

elissab 8 Dec 2011

Joe Sample   1

malcolmyan 15 Sep 2014

Always good to hear this one.   5

Cabmerlot 27 Mar 2013