Get Ready by Rare Earth

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For #motownweek; one of the few "white" bands signed to Motown....

raouljean 2 Oct 2013

This will blow your freaky little mind!

mennu 24 Jan 2013

If you have 20 minutes to spare...   1

BuzzMeeks 21 Nov 2014

Did the drummer spray mace in his eyes before the show ? That's my old girlfriend at 1:07.

phineas1957 24 Aug 2015

When Rare Earth decided to cover “Get Ready” they weren’t fooling around. In fact, their version of the Temptations classic ran to over 21 minutes in length. There was a good reason for this extravagance however. The band simply didn’t have enough material to fill out their first Motown album ... (more)   2

kenshane 14 May 2015

Good times, Bad Times

MusicWarrior 28 Dec 2013