Prehistoric Dog by Red Fang

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The single greatest music video in history. Enjoy.   2

MattClark 17 Feb 2012

With fang and claw that shred your face, they will erase the human race... Tiiiiiiime to kiss your ass goodbyeeeeeee   1

mishival 13 May 2015

#animaljam #dogjam   1

Clash_Presley 18 Nov 2013

Workaholics + Monty Python & The Holy Grail + Role Models + Karp = the video to this song.

sean.flinn 26 Aug 2015

Getting old sucks. This is a metal band. They also don't like getting old. Enjoy.

6h0zt 26 Mar 2015

#MetalforMoney Puttin' it up early. This video cracks me the hell up!   1

Thrashbrowns 1 Sep 2014