Good Technology by Red Guitars


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Ten miserable days without home interent. So now that I'm back up and running it has to be this.   9

simonp 25 Oct 2012

Blast from the past - saw these lot supporting The Smiths many moons ago at Leeds University.   1

barbertimclash 23 Mar 2015

generic mp3 troubles... maybe it just doesn't like Resonance FM podcasts? #firstworldproblems   3

bignonioides 7 Jan 2014

The Housemartins once claimed that they were the 4th best band in Hull. Everything but the Girl and Indians in Moscow might have had a say in this but I always assumed that #1 was The Red Guitars. Their "Good Technology" single b/w the equally strong "Fact" was one of my favourite tunes of 1983 and hearing that haunting (an overused adjective but the right one here I think) guitar sound at the start of this clip transports me right back there again. 1983 was a good year, but this still stands out. We've got lots of leisure time to work it out.

RedBrickDream 6 Feb 2014

'Sometimes I wonder what it is all about?There's lots of leisure time to sit and work it out' - deeply philosophical stuff in 1983 !

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