Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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but Mirv was first  

I can't believe this song is over twenty years old. Holds up well though.   7

onelovepictures 24 Feb 2014

One of a handful of songs that were the soundtrack to my childhood. Every time I hear it, I'm back to being 8 years old, flying around the skating rink (aka my second home) at warp speed backwards, trying not to knock over anyone. haha

alyssamwbc 17 Mar 2015

keeping with the Cali theme   4

onelovepictures 30 Mar 2013

I HAVE to admit that I am very ashamed...all of the jamz I have jammed and no Chili Peppers?? What was I thinking?? BAM!!!!

cheezgiz 12 Feb 2015

Seems to have nothing to do with actually going under a bridge in the lyrics, but is still a damn good song.   1

DaviesEd 8 Jun 2012

Great track.   1

RossiForever 10 Jun 2015