MacArthur Park by Richard Harris


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Bakeoff final + pissing down with rain + Jimmy Webb... it's got to be MacArthur Park, hasn't it? #JimmyWebbWeek   6

tomdwilly 22 Oct 2013

My final jam, a bit of cheese from 1968.   1

GAKish 22 Sep 2015

Given that I spent the whole weekend standing in Crystal Palace Park, slowly dissolving in the rain...   3

thesunneversets 26 Nov 2012

The most bonkers lyric, the most ridiculous choice of vocalist, and yet this is always majestic.

Andyshortwave 27 Feb 2012

So long This Is My Jam! TIMJ is melting in the dark, the soft green icecream flowing down! OH NO!!!!!

ajdehany 25 Sep 2015

The very day one writes something as beautiful as this, there's an incredibly violent storm that falls down from the sky on his head, splices him in two, then he becomes two awesome tunesmithes who in turn write things as outstanding before becoming four and penning otherworldly stuff and become eight, etc, and so on. I just wanted to make sure you were actually reading.

OncleRRRouliane 24 Aug 2015