Blank Generation by Richard Hell & The Voidoids

“live @ CBGB's 1979. Hell's recent memoir is great.”

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live @ CBGB's 1979. Hell's recent memoir is great.   13

Schell 1 May 2013

1977   4

CaptainJam 4 Feb 2014

---ITS SUCH A GAMBLE WHEN YOU GET A FACE-- this is richard hell and the voidoids,,if any one started ''PUNK'' it was him and the ramones,,,,,oh but i love the sex pistols,,richard was putting a safety pin through his bits when joe strummer was still a member of the audience,,ill post JOE S next respekt to JOE...#punkweek   18

kingofmen 23 Sep 2013

Brilliant. You could miss the lyrics and it would still be great music, but paying attention them and there is only one conclusion: Richard Hell was/is a mad genius.

parcheesi336 20 May 2015

Who'd have thought I'd ever jam a punk song?!   2

hannacelina 17 Feb 2014

I could take it or leave it each time. #yodo

pointsofdata 22 Jul 2014