Gunfight Epiphany by Rob Duncan


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sleepingmermaid 28 Mar 2015

this song has a good terroir ha ha get it get it GET IT

gregerskine 5 May 2012

Hell, no, son / Aint gonna get the gun / Seen a lotta things / And the've only just begun / 'Cause the minute they speak / Is the minute that I run / Ten clicks south to the border station

ferrari 2 Sep 2014

Best TV title song in twenty years. Absolutely brilliant, and they still manage to weasel in a Sally Forth ref.

glennturner 3 Jul 2013

All together now-- "Caught a ride with a trickster and a javelin man to a town down by the sea..."   1

dan_hill 2 Jun 2013

Damn it, #Terriers!

nathaliem 18 Oct 2013