Somewhere Down The Crazy River by Robbie Robertson

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bootleian 17 Mar 2015

On the long road back from ATP. Farewell for another year lazy river.

winter_olympics 12 Mar 2012

Wanted to jam the video which you can find here It's directed by his buddy Martin Scorsese and features Maria Mckee from Lone Justice. I think Robbie Robertson has the coolest voice and is a great storyteller. Been looking through my racks for the album tonight when it dawned on me I may have sold it in a moment of madness many years ago !   4

garyprice265 31 Jul 2015

Always liked this one,hope you do too.   8

allymac 23 Jan 2014

This has been going through my head since Voodoo Week, but it's not about voodoo (despite the reference) or even New Orleans. However it also features Tony Levin and Manu Katche, both of whom I saw performing with Peter Gabriel in Liverpool on Sunday.   2

DavidShepherd 8 Dec 2014

Sucks they don't let you select the video, but sometimes the tune just really gets me.   2

mikemaehr 24 May 2015