You Are In My System by Robert Palmer


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but IFTFOM was first  

I wanted "What's It Take?" but that didn't show up in the search... this'll do I guess

jjb 15 Sep 2013

Yorkshire's finest pre-Donovan Addicted to Love. Vaguely remember an MTV vid with a girl on roller skates.   1

edprichard 29 Oct 2012

Help! I've fallen down a Robert Palmer hole and I can't get out! This 'Compass Point' era track is unbelievably infectious, watch out....

fabrider 9 Jul 2013

Girl, you are in my system   5

IFTFOM 26 Mar 2012

10 years since Robert Palmer died. One of my favourite vocalists. Left us way too soon.   12

VickyMB1970 27 Sep 2013