Get Myself Together by Robyn

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"when this hurt is gone, i got, got to get myself together..." story of my life. <3

nearfantastica 20 Apr 2012

Changed my mind #solittletimesomuchrobyn

unfortunatalie 23 Oct 2012

oh Robyn you always know just what to say to me <3

thefemmemonster 20 Nov 2012

Meets all the criteria for a jam - stuck in my head most mornings. usually hit repeat at least once. being going on for multiple days. with bonus points for admitting I may have a full fledged @robynkonichiwa problem.

yetanotherjen 17 Jun 2014

i've had the high bit in the chorus stuck in my head for weeks now. "can't tell what's right or wrong, i wish that something could be done i'm not! that! clever!"

falulatonks 24 Jul 2015


huzzahdave 21 Nov 2013