The Big Bang by Rock Mafia

“Looove this song. Stuck in my head for days now.”

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Looove this song. Stuck in my head for days now.

wronbasabe 13 Nov 2012

SHE gets on my nerves but you kinda need the video to help you understand what the song is about. Btw, Kevin Zegers= <3 #thebigbang

LujaneAl_F 13 Aug 2013

I love whistling.

annagnm 30 Apr 2013

I'm in love with it from the first moment I heard it :)

aleksk0601 30 Aug 2014

Mi rola de la semana, algo frisky pero...

DarkPassenger 18 Jan 2012

I find it to be quite catchcy, and i really like the lyrics and music video :D

oddpitterpatter 26 Apr 2015