Every Picture Tells A Story by Rod Stewart

“This rock track from Rod Stewart just paints such a vivid picture. Enjoy!”

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This rock track from Rod Stewart just paints such a vivid picture. Enjoy!

timmydidge 16 Aug 2012

For Mick Waller's drumming, because I've worn out two copies and because hardly anyone makes music like that anymore. -Dave Marsh   5

7r0773r 19 Apr 2014

Rockin' Rod   14

zodat 20 Feb 2015

Doesn't get much better than this one...   9

newley 16 Aug 2013

Just for the savage drumming alone....   2

roseyrhymes 10 Nov 2014

"I couldn't quote you no Dickens, Shelley, or Keats, cuz it's all been said before." This song stems out of a collaboration between Rod Stewart and Ron Woods (who later joined The Rolling Stones) when they were with the band Faces. Woods and Stewart often shared a hotel room, but they'd both bring groupies in, and to allow an illusion of privacy, they'd stack their luggage between the beds. However they could still hear each other so it often didn't work out ideally for all concerned. Stewart explains in more detail in his autobiography. Anyway, this song stems from their youthful experiences traveling and jamming together, and how the ladies made them realize they were kinda full of themselves. Some people claim the words are racist and sexist, and they're probably right. Still, it's a kickass irreverent tune that's both in control and out of control at the same time, with great backup vocals from Maggie Bell.   6

ZachsMind 9 Dec 2014