You Wear It Well by Rod Stewart

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Happy Saturday friends!

jimleatherman 18 Jul 2015

I don't remember meeting Pete Edwards of the Lurkers, aka Plug the Roadie (for Bauhaus etc), aka our building manager in recent years, but I'm enjoying the tributes to him and memories of his favourite songs that my colleagues have been coming up with. RIP...   2

thesunneversets 11 Jun 2015

Stuff with a nostalgic theme sometimes gets to me . . . . . especially when it swings . . . .

flittero 8 Dec 2013

Happy Birthday Rod !   1

etudor6 10 Jan 2014

This song brings make so many memories from a few months ago, but I do love it 😩😁👌

SamuelDinnadge 29 Sep 2013

A little old-fashioned, but that's all right.

bbionic 17 Sep 2014