Starry Eyes by Roky Erickson

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but henpe was first  

I don't know what it is about Roky's voice. He can sing about a two-headed dog and make it sound moving.   1

willcrain 1 Feb 2014

the one and only Roky! (many versions of this song...all are pretty great)   2

bside 18 Aug 2013

If I could find the Jad Fair cover of this anywhere useful, I think I'd just jam songs called "Starry Eyes" all week...   1

thesunneversets 10 Dec 2013

MOSP: We were living in ATX and had just stepped out of a library book sale downtown. We heard Alejandro Escovedo, followed the sound, ending up outside of a fenced in concert. We watched through the fencing and listened, as Alejandro finished the song, his last. Disappointed to have missed the set, we stayed anyway. When Roky walked onto the stage I started jumping up and down. He hadn't played live in quite some time.   1

bingsy22 4 Jul 2013