Never Say Never by Romeo Void

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#80sflashback You would be hard pressed to find a sexier sax player (whoops, I meant playing..) than Benjamin Bossi in the 80's. Debora Iyall and the boys had to fight a lot of record company prejudice surrounding her weight, she was told to lose weight or they would lose their contract. They didn't want to place her in the music video" A Girl in Trouble" it  was slated to have Debora in it as the main character, the studio fought for a "thinner person" for the video and won. They lost support on promotion and touring from their record company. MTV did a show called Bands Reunited (can you believe they actually did a show about music??) with Romeo Void, sadly Benjamin has permanent tinnitus and was unable to play the saxaphone, but it was a fantastic reunion.   6

christineb 24 Jun 2014

Just saw the Amanda Blank/Spank Rock 'reworking'... #RomeoVoid   3

plinythemidlkid 27 Mar 2013

This song was featured in a movie and I became obsessed with the sound.  The scene - teenagers breaking in a pool at night, anyone remember it?  I think it was Less Than Zero.  Still I love this tune.  Ah youth wasted on the young, they say  #TooManyJamsLeft #NeverEnoughTime #PushingTo100   4

timeisnow 2 Sep 2015

Great song I first heard at the now gone "Metro" club in Cincinnati back in the 80"s

MikeBobCatKelly 23 Jul 2015

punky funky friday   6

savagetea 10 Apr 2015

The good dancing doesn't start until two and a half minutes in. #cheese #danceweek #dancejams   2

Shaka 28 Aug 2014