Do The Strand by Roxy Music

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For Your Pleasure / 1973 #721   6

mondosalvo 13 Aug 2015

Tired of the tango Fed up with fandango Dance on moonbeams Slide on rainbows In furs or blue jeans You know what I mean Do the Strand

stevesteb 26 Mar 2015

#GlamWeek And back to the 70's again, one of their best songs :-)   5

caronline 2 Sep 2013

Continuing our decision to jam This Is My Jam 'til No More Jams. So... Do The Strand, y'all. ;) k&w

anothercultland 10 Aug 2015

Ok, probably ten gazillion people have posted this Roxy classic already, and it is likely very familiar to you post Velvets music cognoscenti, but I HAVETA include it here. I ADORE this song. In the summer of 1973 I first heard it on the radio and was so knocked out by it. It burrowed its way into my brain folds. I sat near the radio at all hours waiting for it to be played again (as well as other Roxy songs), Wollensak cassette recorder nearby, waiting anxiously so that I might tape it. Finally caught it, but about 3/4 in. Subsequently I played it over and over again in college, each time marveling at how oddly wonderful and invigorating it was. I was a poor college student and couldn't afford luxuries like lps at that point. Anyway, it remains my most favorite. While I count the Fall as my favorite band ever, I have to say that Roxy Music is my second favorite. Deep passion for scores of Fall tunes, but this one is particularly special. Eternal jam for sure.   7

whiffoself 6 Jul 2015